Whats new in 2019 for Michelle

MichelleIt has been almost a year since I was in a horrific car accident  and after numerous operations, months in hospital, bone replacements, bone fusions and skin grafts the doctors thought I might lose my arm. However, I am delighted to say I still have my arm, I do have some mobility issues and my arm is in a brace. I am on the road to recovery and that is what 2019 will be all about for me, lots of physio and learning to do everyday jobs again.

Adjusting to my mobility issues, I have had to teach myself to crochet and knit again, it takes time, my arm tires easily, projects that would normally take me a day now takes me a week. But I am a fighter and will not give up! Crochet is my therapy.


So for my New Year challenge I decided to do Dedri’s Sophies Universe, it has been on my list forever and will be the perfect challenge to get my groove back and Santa just happened to bestow the pattern book upon me this year.




I will make it slightly easier on myself by using self-striping Ice magic lights yarn, eliminating a lot of color changes and ends to sew in.

Slowly but surely will be my new motto.

Love Michelle xoxo


7 thoughts on “Whats new in 2019 for Michelle”

  1. Oh, Sweetie, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you recuperate. I’m so happy for you that you have your arm. I know it’s a long road back, but every day is an investment in the rest of your life. I’m also investing in myself — recuperating from recent knee replacement surgery. If we focus on what’s to come and getting there with as much joy as we can, we’ll be ok. Your new project sounds beautiful, and I look forward to reading about it. Take good care of yourself. To crochet and a beautiful new year with healing and great promise!


  2. All the best for 2019. Looking forward to following your progress both physically and artistically. What a smart plan to use a self changing yarn on Sophie’s Universe. Love it.


  3. You have been through a lot hope your recovery is swift and painless, I have been saying that I will start my Sophie but another year has gone. Definitely when Autumn comes April i will start on it.


  4. Wow Michelle! I am so happy your arm is still with you! Learning to crochet again won’t be easy, but like you say, it will be therapy. God bless you. I look forward to seeing the beautiful things you will be creating next year😊❤️❤️


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