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Grannies on the Go #3 – Weave

Modern Weave Throw

Stylecraft Special DK
Lipstick – Spice – Sunshine – Grass Green – Turquoise – Lapis – Magenta – White

Weave Colors
The third in the Grannies on the Go series.
A burst of bright rainbow squares that have been strategically placed to give an interwoven effect.

Click here for pattern details and keep watch for the last 2 designs

5 thoughts on “Grannies on the Go #3 – Weave”

  1. These are quite amazingly creative ! I’d start first on this one, were it not for the fact that I’ve just begun wrinkling my brows over Lucia’s Vintage Walrus.
    But I shall download it in the hope that I will, eventually, finish walrussing.
    Thank-you for these takes on Granny.


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