Arizona Cal – Part Four

Welcome back to Part Four

Day’s and weeks are flying by, part four marks the half way point.

Native American cultures recognized and celebrated the changes that people experience as they age. Human infants are often greeted with certain celebrations, ceremonies and rituals in the minutes, days, or months following birth. As the infant grows into childhood and then into adulthood and then into old-age, each of these transitions may be marked by more celebrations, rituals, and ceremonies. Here are 2 symbols used to mark time. The top symbol mark days and nights and the bottom symbols marks Spring and Summer


In part four you will use colors 1, 6 and 7
Special stitches
Bobble st

Arizona – Part Four – US
Arizona – Part Four- UK
Arizona – Part Four – Dutch
Arizona – Part Four – German
Arizonia – Part Four – French
Arizona – Part Four- Czech
Arizona – Part Four- Spanish

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See you back next week for part five.