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Mood Board: Fox Maiden

"A young fox, thinking that the world of humans must be better than life in the forest,


Pattern Review: Marion by Grace Fearon

Calling all advanced crocheters or those who would like to test themselves to the next level in their crochet education. Have you ever wanted to challenge yourself, I did after spending some time recouping from surgery I wasn't in the frame of mind to design and I wanted to something special to keep my hooks… Continue reading Pattern Review: Marion by Grace Fearon

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Knit: Day Dreamer Cowl

I am a BIG BIG daydreamer and my husband often catches me in a faraway place and he will say “Your head is in the clouds again” and I reply “Yes, chasing rainbows”.

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Crochet: Coco Sock Tops

Free Pattern: Coco sock tops are perfect to sit on top of any ankle boot for extra warmth in the cold months or even to wear around the house when your slippers just do not quite cut it. Sock tops are a fashionable and practical addition to any wardrobe.