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New Year.. New Project

So to kick off 2022, Darlene set us a challenge!


Floralia – Part Eight

Well congratulation you made it! Your tiny little bloom has grown into a lovely garden of celebration and its finally ready for its border to perfectly frame your work. As you work on the border I want you to think back to the begging of our journey. Floralia was a festival in ancient Roman to… Continue reading Floralia – Part Eight


Floralia Part Seven

Good News!! You will only have 2 ends this week to sew in! yay. This weeks Part 7 of the Floralia CAL is one continuous part, all done in one color. The breathable mesh add a lovely border around your center panel framing all your hard work. Once you have the first couple of rounds… Continue reading Floralia Part Seven


Pattern Review – She Sells Sea Shawl

When my BFF and crochet confidant Stephanie from Its Crochet O'Clock told me that she was hosting a pattern by new upcoming designer I jumped at the chance to get on board and offered to test the new design. The Designer Russell Sansom aka theticcyknitter on instagram is a UK based fiber artist. Inspired by… Continue reading Pattern Review – She Sells Sea Shawl


Floralia Part Six

Please accept my sincere apologies, its been a super busy day and honestly I lost track of time. I know some of you are grateful for the extra time to finish off last weeks panels. Are you glad I split those little squares up into 2 weeks 🙂 So onto Part Six, this week we… Continue reading Floralia Part Six


The Great Pippin Stash Buster

Our Final Square Day 23 - April 22th Today’s FREE square has been picked by Emma Designer: Tamara Kelly Pattern: Joyful Blog: Moogly Day 22 - April 20th Today’s FREE square has been picked by Emma Designer: Polly Plum Pattern: Imagine Blog: Every Trick on the Hook   Day 21- April 17th Today’s FREE square… Continue reading The Great Pippin Stash Buster