Sunday Social Live – Recap

4C9A2751-683E-427F-8E33-07629F893146You know that saying “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it” well that was certainly true for last Sunday’s Live Social. So here’s a little recap.

I knew what I wanted to say, I had a few important upcoming changes that I wanted to get out and the theory was a live broadcast would be the most effective way. I also decided a live tutorial would be a nice treat. Anywhoo that didn’t happen.

Firstly, I blame my boys! 😜 just before going live I had a ton of technical issues with my laptop.. updates! It seems everything I time the dam thing in it needs to update something. Not a huge problem but the sucker punch was my laptop decided that was the time to tell me my memory was jammed packed. Typical.

So I scrambled to find my iPad and it’s  extended arm to hold it in place with 5 minutes before going live. It was that exact time my little devil screams “mom I needs snacks, mom I can’t find my shoes” and the hubby decides that would be a great time to start vacuuming. Really!!! Sunday Social, Live was placed on the family calendar a full week before and I told them numerous time that very morning.

Well I made it just in a nick of time but feeling very irritated. A couple of deep breath s and I was ready. To cut it short, my iPad holder snapped and despite the lovely encouragement from the members to find a make shift stand I could do the tutorial.

A new external memory has been purchased, and research into a new iPad arm is underway and hopefully next time I will have better luck.

Quick recap:

Announcing the new Pippin Knitters Club. Recreating the very special vibe that we have made with the Pippin Crochet Club but for knitter.   Suitable for any level of knitter. I’m a beginner so the group is being run by the lovely Michelle Messenger and her friendly admin team.

Upcoming Changes

Over the coming months the website will be undergoing a redesign. Please be patient. There are only so many hours in the day. I will try and get it done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The Arizona pattern will be optimized for better viewing. All parts will be in one central place instead of 8 different pages.

Website will have a new knitting area.

I will be utilizing the YouTube channel more in the coming months so if you haven’t subscribed here is the link

I have 3 new patterns coming out soon. I’m really excited to share them with you but can’t just yet. Here’s a little teaser.. Coco.. Winters Delight… Coastal Flats 😂


Emma May ~ Pippin Poppycock


Cakes! A sweet treat from Rea

So I gave into temptation.  I couldn’t resist any longer!

The trouble I have with cakes is that I find most have colors I don’t like. For those of you who follow my mood boards you will know that i’m a little OCD when it comes to colors. But I have a solution.

A friend and member of the Pippin Crochet club Mary introduced my to Rea’s Little Favorites. Mary’s Star of wonder by Helen Shrimpton caught my eye and I wanted in.

Mary Cake

So off my fingers went and wow! But still my color OCD was nagging me so I contacted Rea and she was more than happy to bake me up a custom cake order 🙂

I picked out a few of my favorite mood boards and sent them to her and she worked her magic.


Custom Cakes
50% Acrylic – 50% Cotton and a whole lot of love

Be Creative, Sunbeam and Vintage Wine.

Rea is based in Germany and her cakes are made to order. You pick the ply and the length and then she gets to work baking them.

It took her a couple of day to make up my custom cakes and they are being shipped out today 🙂 The transaction was smooth and quick via Paypal.

Got questions you can contact her via her page messenger

Or check out her pre -order cakes on her website

I’m so excited, Now I’m off to lose myself in Raverly and start planning what I’m going to make .
Happy Hooking

Crochet Water Grenades

Keep the kiddos cool this this summer with these easy, quick crochet water grenades!

So you’ve most likely seen the new trend – reusable water balloons. Fun .. No mess.. Reusable.. Hours of fun.

So that’s what I set out to do this weekend. Keeping the “i’m bored” and “i’m hot” at bay over the summer holidays is a task for any parent. Lucian my 10 year old said he wanted something with more humph and pow, not the slap and splat that comes with the regular crochet water balloon..

So while walking around my dollar store it came to me 🙂 Water Grenades!
and here’s how you can make them..

Crochet Water Grenades


Shes here!! Nora Antoinette

Meet the newest in my Pride of Gypsies crochet collection

The Nora Antoinette Rag Doll

Let the magic and imagination begin!

Part of a series of adorable crochet doll patterns! she has all the cuddly features that make her the perfect doll. You will love making this crochet doll. She has a clever construction that makes her very fast and fun to make. Make her for yourself or for a special girl!

Full pattern now available including all the extras 🙂 So check it out here

The Nora Antoinette Rag Doll





Darn Good Yarn Giveaway

Todays the day we get to see what’s inside.

In a couple of hours I will be streaming live in to the Pippin Crochet Club and revealing what’s inside this months Darn Good Yarn Box. Tune in and listen out for my code to be in with a chance to win the entire contents of the box. 9am (eastern time) but don’t worry, You can always catch it later 😊



For more information about Darn Good Yarn Subscription Boxes check them out here

Complete the form to enter the live giveaway (ends June 13th) Must be a member of the PIPPIN CROCHET CLUB

Hooks Down! and that’s Okay

You might remember my post from a little while back “Hello Spring” where I opened the flood gates of my imagination and let the ideas pour in. Well I did and now its time to close them.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve done almost nothing crochet wise. I stepped on the breaks and got of the crochet highway.

Arizona Promo 3Arizona was a huge success, months of preparation, testing and finally released as a cal all paid off. I was overwhelmed with your response to it. I truthfully love our community group. From beginners to experts we all came together and created a masterpiece. But that success came with a price, I felt the pressure to create something just as special and out popped the Gypsy Queen shawl. Many of you have already made a start and I am seeing your creativity coming alive and I love it.

Me1But behind the scenes is another factor, designing can take its toll. You have an idea and you want it to be prefect but we don’t live in a prefect world and not everything that you imagine becomes a reality. I got so frustrated, You know how writers get writers block well I soon discovered there is a crochet version – crochet block, so I stepped on the breaks and said NO! hooks down.

Unicorn 4
Well not completely… I played with a miss mash of patterns and created the Unicorn Project, plus the team and I have been working on testing our Fall CAL. I teamed up with Icelandic designer Tinna and we will be bringing her design to life as a cal.. But more to come on that at a later date.

I binged watched TV, a lot of TV and a lot of binging… I watched 12 seasons of NCIS with the eye pleasing Michael Weatherly as Antony DiNozzo which led me to 2 seasons of Bull. Gotta love some on-screen eye candy :).  I baked, I gardened, I went on walks.. I took a few days off from my “regular job” for some “me time”. Ladies and Gents if you have never had a “me day” then do it.. just one day all to yourself, doing what you love the most. It could be spending a few hours at the library, a morning at your favorite coffee shop with a book in hand, a stroll down market street, or even a day home alone with your favorite movies and treats…

It was just what I needed. I feel rested and ready. So what comes next!

Yarn reviews – Some of my crochet block came from trying new yarns. On screen they looked perfect for the job but once put to the test it become apparent that they where not quite up to par. So I have decide to share those new yarn experiences with you all. So be on the look out. I also came across some fantastic yarn so I will also be sharing those too.

Book reviews – I am always keen to learn new techniques and I want to share with you my favorites. I have collected a little library over the years and will share with you my thoughts on those books.

Giveaways – Pippin is a great believer in giving back and over the years we have done many many giveaways but as the group has grown (almost 25 thousand members! wow) the giveaways become harder to moderate. But I think I have a solution so be on the look out!

Fall Cal – As mentioned above the team is hard at work testing a new cal, I don’t want to give too much away right now. But we are planning for a late August CAL. A new to me technique and of course plenty of color magic.

Pride of Gypsies Collection – The summer is here which makes working on large one pieces difficult here in the Virginia humidity. So I will be releasing smaller projects to tide us over. Lots of cotton makes, something for everyone.

Love Pippin xoxox

Pippin Crochet Club

Yarn Crush Giveaway

Todays the day we get to see what’s inside.

In a couple of hours I will be streaming live in to the Pippin Crochet Club and revealing what’s inside this months Yarn Crush Box. Tune in and listen out for my code to be in with a chance to win the entire contents of the box. 9am (eastern time) but don’t worry, You can always catch it later 😊


For more information about Yarn Crush Subscription Boxes check them out here

Complete the form to enter the live giveaway (ends May 4th) Must be a member of the PIPPIN CROCHET CLUB