Floralia Part Three

Are you ready! Last week we took it easy and you all breezed through part two, this week we are going to up the tempo and square off out center blooms.

Corner will be worked individually, working one full corner before moving on to the next. Be kind to yourself and use stitch markers it will save you a lot of time and prevent you from pulling your hair out, also use Helen’s videos if you are unsure of stitch placements. Take you time.

Trust the pattern and you will get it right!

Oh I almost forgot, in part three you will be introduced to the slip stitch ribbing round. This round (44) creates a beautiful roped ribbing effect and is used through out the rest of the pattern. If you find your stitches tight and pulling, loosen your tension or go up a hook size.
Pt3 Corners

Part Three – Squaring Off
Download your preferred terminology here

Download you color placement work sheet
LillianMarthaVivian Evelyn

Video Tutorials by Helen Shrimpton– Crystals & Crochet
Check Helen’s page every week for the latest video.
Floralia Videos – Crystals & Crochet Website

Happy Hooking
Love Emma May XOXO

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