Around the Block

I’m not one to block blankets, they get used so often and run through the wash cycle regularly, but I highly recommend blocking decorative pieces especially if made with cotton or a cotton blend. You don’t need any fancy tools.

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Summer Crush Wrap

I love this time of year, Winter is fast fading and its frozen crawls can no longer hold onto the softening soil as the Spring warmth stakes it claim and is ready to do battle allowing for the birth of a new season. As hedgerows and flower beds prepare themselves for the warm temptation of… Continue reading Summer Crush Wrap

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Clover & Bramble Crochet Gnomes

There are 8 gnome designs, a Clover & Bramble for each season. Each chapter (season) will break down colors, yarn amounts, decorations and the order the steps should be followed in. It is important to note that you follow the steps as instructed. This is a no sew pattern which means there is no guess work on where to place your nose, shoes and arms, they are joined as you go to the main body.

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AMOR Knit Along

Its my pleasure to introduce to you to the AMOR Cardigan, the New Pippin Knit Along. The Amor Cardigan is a free pattern by Stylecraft Yarns using their lovely new yarn Amor.


Floralia – Part Eight

Well congratulation you made it! Your tiny little bloom has grown into a lovely garden of celebration and its finally ready for its border to perfectly frame your work. As you work on the border I want you to think back to the begging of our journey. Floralia was a festival in ancient Roman to… Continue reading Floralia – Part Eight


Floralia Part Seven

Good News!! You will only have 2 ends this week to sew in! yay. This weeks Part 7 of the Floralia CAL is one continuous part, all done in one color. The breathable mesh add a lovely border around your center panel framing all your hard work. Once you have the first couple of rounds… Continue reading Floralia Part Seven