Cakes! A sweet treat from Rea

So I gave into temptation.  I couldn’t resist any longer!

The trouble I have with cakes is that I find most have colors I don’t like. For those of you who follow my mood boards you will know that i’m a little OCD when it comes to colors. But I have a solution.

A friend and member of the Pippin Crochet club Mary introduced my to Rea’s Little Favorites. Mary’s Star of wonder by Helen Shrimpton caught my eye and I wanted in.

Mary Cake

So off my fingers went and wow! But still my color OCD was nagging me so I contacted Rea and she was more than happy to bake me up a custom cake order 🙂

I picked out a few of my favorite mood boards and sent them to her and she worked her magic.


Custom Cakes
50% Acrylic – 50% Cotton and a whole lot of love

Be Creative, Sunbeam and Vintage Wine.

Rea is based in Germany and her cakes are made to order. You pick the ply and the length and then she gets to work baking them.

It took her a couple of day to make up my custom cakes and they are being shipped out today 🙂 The transaction was smooth and quick via Paypal.

Got questions you can contact her via her page messenger

Or check out her pre -order cakes on her website

I’m so excited, Now I’m off to lose myself in Raverly and start planning what I’m going to make .
Happy Hooking


Hello Spring.. Well almost

I’m ready.. bring it on! While everyone is hunkering down with their Arizona throws my mind is drifting to Spring. I’m itching to start my next collection. Ive unleashed my imaginative beast and the door is wide open for new ideas.

I long to walk barefoot in the grass, to dance in the April showers  and to smell the buds blooming in May’s flowers, to open the windows and let the fresh air in. The birth of a new season!

Just a few more weeks I keep telling myself.

Hello Spring

Hello Spring

Sunshine after the Rain Color Pack

Arizona “Sunshine after the rain” color pack is now available to purchase from


The Sunshine after the Rain pack includes 15 balls of Stylecraft Special DK in the following shades:

2 x White (1001)

2 x Lemon (1020)

2 x Citron (1263)

2 x Saffron (1081)

2 x Sunshine (1114)

2 x Silver (1203)

3 x Grey (1099)


They won’t last long 🙂

Arizona – Introduction

Love Pippin xoxox

Thundercloud Packs have arrived!

I am very pleased to announce that Arizona Thundercloud packs have arrived on the shelves at Wool Warehouse and they are selling out fast!

Arizona Promo 4

The Thundercloud pack includes 15 balls of Stylecraft Special DK in the following shades:

2 x White (1001)

2 x Silver (1203)

2 x Grey (1099)

2 x Graphite (1063)

2 x Black (1002)

2 x Charcoal (1128)

3 x Lipstick (1246)

The finished full size blanket is approx.:

64″ x 54″ ( 5ft x 4ft appox) using a 4.5mm crochet hook.

So exciting 🙂

Love Pippin xoxoxox

Color Theory 105 – Presentation is Key

So you spent hours picking colors, weeks even months hooking and sometimes frogging .. you’ve finally finished. You want to shout it to the world! I’m done.. here’s my new baby!

It deserves the spot light.. it’s going to make friends drool with envy. You snap a pic and post!

Fail That

We wrap up the Color Theory series with a lesson on presenting your work to make it shine.

You don’t need a fancy dancy camera or a state of the art, art studio.. believe me! Over the past year I have purchased 2 high tech cameras and both were returned within a month.. now don’t get me wrong, photography is an art but I am a crocheter not a photographer. Unless you plan to take up photography as a profession or a hobby, your regular camera will do. So here are a few tips and trick that won’t break the bank and the result will make your work shine.

Lights, Camera, Action

The first and most important aspect of shooting a great photo is the lighting. It can make or break a photo! I know it’s almost midnight you have hooked furiously to finish and now you want to show your proud achievement to the world .. Stop! Don’t do it! Wait!

Make the most of your natural light. Open up your blinds and let the light shine in. Find a spot in the house that allows the most light in. Believe me I have snapped photos in every room of my house trying to to find the best spot. See the difference! or better yet take it outside when possible

Nat v Art

But as winter comes and the days get shorter and gray sometimes natural light isn’t possible. So what now.. then you can adjust the brightness on your camera setting. Doesn’t matter if your using a point and snap camera, camera phone or even your tablet they all come for the basic brightness setting..

Here I have the exact same image all I did was adjust the brightness settings.

Backdrops and Displays
The best back drop for any photo is a plain neutral one. A sheet, for a cleared spot on the floor will do.

For those big projects clear a space on the floor, stand on a chair or stool so you get some height and you should be able to get the whole project in the frame, but the stitches can get lost in an aerial view, so always add a close up shot so we can see those beautiful details.

If your project is too big for an aerial view, here’s another way to show case it. My Lilliana was so big, I ended up draping it over a box and taking a picture from the side and did an aerial shot of a small section.

For smaller pieces I use a plain white $1 poster board. If you wanted to add a little color to your background I have recently discovered these scrap-booking sheets for under a dollar at my local craft store, there are hundreds to choose from.

These were take on my white poster board for a background. The white background keeps the focus on the project.

Displaying your work is a good way to show it off in all its glory.
For Scarfs, Shawls and wearable’s, if have a mannequin, no worries.. a hanger will do. Result: I get to see the shawl as it is  intended to be worn and how it drapes

Crop it
Cropping is one of the easiest solutions to those unwanted objects in your photo. You don’t want to see my smelly running shoes or the fact that I haven’t cleaned up today 🙂
I used the same photo and just cropped out the edges .
The result:  my eyes are drawn to my work and not the mess in the back ground. Plus it brings the squares to the front and center for attention.

You only have to scroll Instagram to see props in full effect. Beautiful pieces of crochet enhanced by a prop or two. You don’t have to go out shopping for props look around your home, from a book to a plate of cookies or a kiddy toy to a few buttons can add charm to any photo. Even a few stitch markers.


A simple free Photo editor app is all that is needed. They come with so many free features, you can let your inner Warhol out.

Photo EditorWatermark your masterpiece.
The internet is rife with copyright infringements, pictures are stolen and used for click bait sites. At pippin we encourage you to add your water mark to your photos. A lot of groups dont allow this as its breaking the “Self Promotion” rule, at Pippin we do not allow links to self promote, but we do encourage watermarking. Don’t let others take credit for your work. A simple way to watermark your work is to add text to your photo using an app.


This is the app i use.


All of the above photos were taken with my iPad tablet.. 🙂 Now to this weeks homework assignment. I want you to get creative and snap one finished project in 2 different ways. Use props, lighting and displays. Post both photos to the pinned post over in the club for  chance to win this weeks giveaway.

I hope you have come away from my series on Color Theory with a little better insight in to how colors work.  We will have a new series starting February so keep your eyes out for that.

Love Pippin xoxoxox