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Summer Crush Wrap

I love this time of year, Winter is fast fading and its frozen crawls can no longer hold onto the softening soil as the Spring warmth stakes it claim and is ready to do battle allowing for the birth of a new season.

As hedgerows and flower beds prepare themselves for the warm temptation of the early sun rays and flower buds push themselves forward from the dark coldness of winter to forge a way into the light of day, unfolding their beauty for all to see.

Some are bold and full of temptation daring those that pass by to stop in wonder and feel their silken petals and inhale their aroma, while some are delicate and prefer the hidden shadows only to peek out when the conditions are right, offering their beauty to those who dare to go looking in the hidden depths of intrigue.

As you can guess I’m a hopeless romantic
Emma May xoxox

Download Pattern Here

I chose to make 2 versions of Summer Crush, one in the new Stylecraft Organic Cotton and the second in the Stylecraft Cotton/Bamboo, both luxurious and soft and come in a variety of colors. Color A is classified as the main color while colors B,C and D are used to create a gradient effect.

You will need 4mm hook, a few stitch markers. The finished size is 76″ along the top and 18″ down the center spine.

US Terminology

Stitches Used
ch = Chain
sc = Single Crochet
dc = Double Crochet
Dc2tog = Double crochet 2 together
Picot = ch3, slip stitch in to 3rd chain from hook
Puff = (Insert hook in st, YO and pull up loop, YO) x 4, YO and pull though all 9 loops, ch1 to close

When working on the base of the wrap you do not need to cut yarn when changing color, you will simply drop yarn and pick it back up when needed and carry up side of work. The border will work over the carried yarn. So no ends 🙂

I will be available to offer advice and support both on the Pippin Crochet Club and in the Stylecraft MAL Group if you need any help with yarn choices, gradient colors or general questions.

Download Pattern Here

Emma May xoxox
Pippin Poppycock

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