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January – Off the hook!

This year I promised myself that I would complete a abandoned wip (Work in Progress) each month until all my wips where complete.

So for January’s wip I picked up Petra. I didn’t abandon Petra because any pattern problems or material shortages, life just got in the way. So she sat in the corner awaiting my attention.

As you can see I didn’t get to far into the pattern. Now I do love a Grace Fearon pattern they are complex and intriguing, the type of patterns that makes you wonder what the next round will create.

Pattern: Petra
Designer: Grace Fearon
Shop: WebsiteRavelry
Material: #10 Thread
Hook: 2mm
Skill Level: Advanced

Tips: Always place stitch markers where the pattern indicates. Grace did this for a reason and it will make your experience so much easier. I used a 1.75mm hook as I knew my tension would be off having never used #10 thread before and I didn’t want finger cramps from clutching the yarn too tight. Above all else trust the pattern. I didn’t find any mistakes and there are no pictures.
Be prepared to block your Petra when complete for the full visual effect.

If you need tips on how to block such a beautiful piece to get the full visual effect stay tuned for my next post. In the meantime I am rewarding myself with a cake of yarn and new shawl for Valentines then I’ll decide which wip to tackle for February.

Emma May


2 thoughts on “January – Off the hook!”

  1. That’s a beautiful pattern!
    I have a couple of the thread Wip pieces as well
    I too have a goal of finishing projects this year. But I’m in the throws of planning and packing for a move so Wips and new learning will have to wait!
    Enjoy your found projects, I wish you success.

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