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Designer Showcase – Lucia’s Fig Tree

When the New year came upon us I decided to challenge myself to a project from one of my favorite designers.  Janie Crowfoot and her Bohemian Blooms Blanket was a absolute joy to make, the techniques and stitches kept me enthralled  and the members of the Pippin Crochet Club really enjoyed seeing my progress over time and a few joined in, However now that its complete and we are almost half way through the year, its time for another challenge!

This time round I decided to challenge myself in another area crochet – COLOR! I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to color and color placement. I rarely if not ever do random but with this design I am going all in.

Vinatge Walrus 2

The Designer
LuciaLucia’s is originally from a small village in northern Italy, but has been living in Scotland for the last 28 years, She studied architecture at University in Venice and her love for fabrics, interiors, colors and yarn as been not only part of her job but also her hobby. She started to crochet when she was young during her summer holiday in Tuscany with her two grandmothers, her cousin Mariuccia and several other ladies which regularly come to visit for few hours every day, under the shadow a massive fig tree. Now her blog is a  virtual fig tree where we can all come together and make beautiful things!


The Design
When I first saw the Vintage Walrus I was blown away by the magic of it. A mysterious element of long forgotten days and colors that captivated me so much so I created a few mood boards inspired by it.

Vintage Walrus was Lucia’s second colorway of the pattern, the original is called Walrus hug and the story behind the name is heartwarming. Read it here.

Lucia used a total of 15 colors  in Stylecraft Life DK, Special DK and King Cole (borders edge). The pattern is in UK terms and complete with photo tutorials. Standard stitches are used with the exception of using the stranding technique were you carry your  first colored yarn by working over the second color.
Vinatge Walrus Colors
I have decided to use 15 colors too in Stylecraft Special DK, the pattern charts the colors  and were to place them but here is were I am going to challenge myself by going totally random. I decided to go the opposite of Lucia’s bright and beautiful colors and picked subtle pastels.

Vinatge Walrus Colors mine
I plan (hope) that no 2 squares are the same in color placement, random means random! So the question is will I keep to my word and go with the flow or will my color OCD kick in! We will see 🙂

Lucias Fig Tree Website
Lucias Fig Tree Facebook
Lucias Instagram
Vintage Walrus Pattern
Walrus Hugs Pattern

Join in or follow my progress
Pippin Crochet Club
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Love Emma May xoxox

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6 thoughts on “Designer Showcase – Lucia’s Fig Tree”

  1. I’ve come upon a small hitch before I begin: Lucia says the pattern is in UK terminology, but her list includes:
    “hdc half double crochet
    htr half treble”
    which pulls me up short. Htr is UK for the US hdc, as I’ve learned.
    So what do you think she means ?
    (I’ve written to her, but then I wrote to her when you first published this post and never heard back …)


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