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Baby Vintage Walrus

A little while back I pick the Vintage Walrus pattern by Lucia from Lucias Fig Tree as my designers showcase pattern and I am happy to report that its finished!

The Design
When I first saw the Vintage Walrus I was blown away by the magic of it. A mysterious element of long forgotten days and colors that captivated me so much so I created a few mood boards inspired by it.

Vintage Walrus was Lucia’s second colorway of the pattern, the original is called Walrus hug and the story behind the name is heartwarming. Read it here.

Lucia used a total of 15 colors  in Stylecraft Life DK, Special DK and King Cole (borders edge). The pattern is in UK terms and complete with photo tutorials. Standard stitches are used with the exception of using the stranding technique were you carry your  first colored yarn by working over the second color.

Vinatge Walrus 2

I have decided to use 15 colors too in Stylecraft Special DK, the pattern charts the colors  and were to place them but here is were I was going to challenge myself by going totally random. I decided to go the opposite of Lucia’s bright and beautiful colors and picked subtle pastels.

Vinatge Walrus Colors mine
I hoped that no 2 squares were the same in color placement, random means random! So the question was would I keep to my word and go with the flow or will my color OCD kick in!


I did a 5 x 5 square and the border worked out perfectly. I used less than half a ball of each color and the border took 2 balls.

I never thought i would enjoy the random colors, but i did it was a great way to see how colors worked together and complimented each other. I especially like how Lincoln and Powder pink compliments each other and love Sage next to the new Cornish blue.

My Baby Walrus

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Vintage Walrus Pattern
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4 thoughts on “Baby Vintage Walrus”

  1. I also used my own colours, and also didn’t make 63 motifs – but I did a 5 X 7. Currently joining them and have yet, of course, to do a border.
    I’m not happy with the stranding: I wish I knew why Lucia chose to create holes that allow the second colour to show ! – but acknowledge it’s partly my own fault for using a lot of strong contrasts (including silver and gold).


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