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BluE Happy Blanket CAL – The Reveal

BluE Happy
Crochet A Long
By Ineke Mooijenkind


I know I have teased you for the last couple of weeks but I am happy to finally reveal the full BluE Happy Blanket in all its glory!

The Blue Happy CAL designed by the talented Ineke Mooijenkind from Something Crochet and is being hosted in Pippin crochet club! Blue Happy is a blanket made using an assortment of different size squares and rectangles. The crochet skill is intermediate, but if you like learning new stitches and up for a challenge, than go for it!

Full video tutorials will be provided by the lovely Stephanie from Its Crochet O’clock

Start Date
September 15th

What will you need?
A 4mm/G crochet hook, scissors, sewing needle, stitch markers,
and of course the most important thing: Yarn!

Ineke put together two amazing colorways that are both available on Wool Warehouse

BluE Colorway

Full Blue

Stylecraft Special DK
5x White
5x Midnight
5x Cloud Blue

Blue Yarn pack available here

Happy Colorway

Full Happy

3x Bright Green
2x Bright Pink
2x Sunshine
2x Emperor
1x Wisteria
3x Jaffa
2x Empire

Happy Yarn pack available here

BH Teaser.jpg


August 18 Intro
September 15 Part One
September 22 Part Two
September 29 Part Three
October 6 Part Four
October 13 Part Five
October 20 Catch Up Week
October 27 Part Six

Be sure to check out and join the Pippin Crochet Club which will be hosting the
BluE HAPPY CAL, where you will always find friendly, helpful advice to keep you going. If you want to see more of Ineke Mooijenkind work visit her facebook page Something Crochet or her Ravelry

Hope you all going to join in on this journey. See you soon!

Emma May & Ineke xoxoxo

3 thoughts on “BluE Happy Blanket CAL – The Reveal”

  1. I’m always excited to see something from Pippin Poppycock in my Inbox; but I can’t join in with this lovely CAL as I have never been and never will be a member of Facebook. I do understand that it’s a way of marshalling everyone together in a cost-free environment, and regret very much that such is the case and that a website involves unacceptable amounts of download (and probably upload in terms of questions).
    Alas for me !


  2. I am so looking forward to start this pattern. I too, do not like Facebook, but that does NOT stop me using all other options to obtain a pattern for a CAL, and most designers are kind enough and give us those options. AND FREE PATTERNS?????? what more can we ask for
    THANK YOU a million times


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