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New Year.. New Project..

Hello Pippin readers, 2019 will be all about quality not quantity. So many patterns fall through the gaps as we rush to get on board the newest crochet along. However, what happens to all those patterns that come before, during and after a crochet along. They sit in our Raverly library, they gather dust on… Continue reading New Year.. New Project..


12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me.. A partridge in a pear tree. You've heard the song, you've hummed your way through the stores, you've totally mixed up the words., haha. Well Pippin readers your in for a surprise, for the first 12 days of December we will be giving… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


Pattern Review: Marion by Grace Fearon

Calling all advanced crocheters or those who would like to test themselves to the next level in their crochet education. Have you ever wanted to challenge yourself, I did after spending some time recouping from surgery I wasn't in the frame of mind to design and I wanted to something special to keep my hooks… Continue reading Pattern Review: Marion by Grace Fearon