Arizona – Part Seven

Welcome back to part seven!

We are almost at the end! Hello Apache Tears

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Hello Spring.. Well almost

I’m ready.. bring it on! While everyone is hunkering down with their Arizona throws my mind is drifting to Spring. I’m itching to start my next collection. Ive unleashed my imaginative beast and the door is wide open for new ideas.

I long to walk barefoot in the grass, to dance in the April showers  and to smell the buds blooming in May’s flowers, to open the windows and let the fresh air in. The birth of a new season!

Just a few more weeks I keep telling myself.

Hello Spring

Hello Spring

Arizona Part Three

Welcome back for Part Three

You made over the mountain tops and now its time to set up camp 🙂
From now on you will be working in rows, 271 will be your new mantra.

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