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Pippin goes Peacock!

Peacocok outside

I’ve always had a fondness for Peacocks, which stems from a school field to trip Warwick castle many, many years ago. A day off touring the great hall,  medieval banquet rooms to the castle dungeons, but the one thing that stuck with me was escaping to the Peacock gardens with its topiary, grand fountain and the roaming peacocks. Their elaborate coloration, extravagant plumage which bear colorful eye spots was a sight for sore eyes.
So majestic and grandeur its no wonder peacock feathers represent pride, nobility and glory. A bird of Kings and Queens!



Fate intervened and I finally got to make a peacock blanket. Just when Stylecraft released their new Special DK colors a college commissioned me to make a peacock themed blanket after seeing an advertisement on Facebook.

The Colors

All New
Back in April Stylecraft released five new colors to their Special DK range French Navy, Proper Purple, Clementine, Apple and Dandelion which played perfectly into a peacock themed color way. The lack of the right purple has stopped me in the past but what would know 4 of the 5 new colors with the addition of 2 existing colors work great for a peacock themed blanket.


As always I got my pegs out and started to play with color combinations.

Apple Green – Dandelion – Teal – Turquoise – Proper Purple – French Navy

The Pattern
Peacock Leaf
The pattern is the Java Peacock Feather by Curio Craft Room  I found the pattern very easy to follow and beautifully layout with photo steps.
Once I had all the motifs done I use the Cassie1979  join as you method as guide for joining motifs.

This pattern is not for the faint hearted to get a decent size lap blanket I made 105 motifs and each round is a new color! I wont tell you the math on how many ends I had to sew in!

It was a labor of love and I am so please that I got to do it, my colleague is over the moon and that what matters, to see that big beaming smile on her face was worth it.

My final tally was
2 x French Navy
2 x Proper Purple
2 x Turquoise
2 x Dandelion
2 x Apple Green
5 x Teal

You can buy all the colors listed here at either or or your local SSDK stockist.

Happy Hooking
Love Emma May xoxox

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2 thoughts on “Pippin goes Peacock!”

  1. I’ve also been to Warwick Castle several times! Used to live in England about 45 minutes NW of London. Loved the peacocks roaming in the gardens.


  2. Gollys, Mrs Durrells ! – as Gerry’s childhood friend Spiro was wont to say ..
    This is some piece of work, Emma May. Takes the breath away. And also, requires great dedication and lack of being distracted easily.
    Complimenti bella !


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