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Color Theory 102 – Blends Gradients and Ombre

Color Theory 102 - Blends Gradients and Ombre... In lesson 101 "The basics" we touched up on Tones, Tints and Shades. These elements of color theory are basis to creating blends, Gradients and Ombre effects.

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Color Theory Lessons are back!

I will try my best to keep this as simple as possible and not bog you down with technical information. Starting Monday January 7, I will be releasing my Color Theory Lessons. One lesson each Monday for 5 weeks. Each lesson will have a homework assignment and for those who complete their homework will be… Continue reading Color Theory Lessons are back!


Something New for Shauna in 2019

As a mom to a one year toddler my day is full of picking up, tiding away and chasing my toddler around. I look forward to nap time; an hour or so of peace and quiet! When Tessa is fast asleep I enjoy nothing more than relaxing with my hooks and yarn, a good pattern… Continue reading Something New for Shauna in 2019


Whats new in 2019 for Michelle

It has been almost a year since I was in a horrific car accident  and after numerous operations, months in hospital, bone replacements, bone fusions and skin grafts the doctors thought I might lose my arm. However, I am delighted to say I still have my arm, I do have some mobility issues and my… Continue reading Whats new in 2019 for Michelle

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Merry Jingles released

Merry Jingles is here! I just couldn’t help myself after making the Naughty Elf Legs for the tree I decided to keep going and along came Merry Jingles. Measures: 3ft Materials Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK 3 x Poppy 4 x Leaf 2 x White 2 x Shell Pink 1 x Black 1 x Sunflower (you… Continue reading Merry Jingles released