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New to the Stylecraft Special DK range!

You asked and they listened! Stylecraft are adding 5 NEW colors to their Special DK range.

I can not tell you how excited I am, as you probably have already gathered the SSDK range is one of my favorites to date. Its affordable, long lasting, hard wearing, super soft especially after that first wash comes in 92 colors.. 97 now with the new 5 being added!!

So lets take a look at them….

All New
French Navy, Proper Purple, Clementine, Apple and Dandelion.

Something for everyone, whatever tickles your fancy there is surely one here that has you fist bumping the air!

Let take a closer look.

French Navy

French Navy is a rich dark blue, a tad light than Midnight and a touch darker than Royal.
A welcome addition for those of us who lean towards creating Dutch Delft colorways or Oceanic gradients. Its also prefect for patriotic Red, White and Blue color themes (Stars n Strips or the Union Jack Flag)

Proper Purple 

The long awaited Proper Purple.. let that just sink in a minute…. This is a gamer changer and can not tell you how many time I have been asked when Stylecraft was going to add a proper purple to the range. Proper purple fit perfectly between Emperor and Violet, think eggplants, purple lupins flowers and Amethyst gems. I can tell your minds is already going a mile a minute thinking of all the projects you can add this too..


Exactly what the name says. Clementine is exactly what the SSDK orange range needed, bridging the gap between Sunshine and Spice. Where Jaffa is almost neon Clementine is not. For you rainbow lovers out there Clementine fits in with the classic ROYGBIV. My choice would be Lipstick, Clementine, Sunshine, Apple, Turquoise, Lapis and Proper Purple.


Just like a Granny smith apple. Vibrant and fresh but not neon like its sister Bright Green a touch darker than Grass Green. A golden green if that makes sense, like when you pop a Starburst (Formally Opal Fruits) in your mouth, at first its eye popping but once you chew your mouth waters for more.. lol I know.. I know its was the best way I could explain it.


I am a BIG fan of Mustard but I have a feeling Dandelion will give it a run for its money. In all fairness this should have been called Yellow Gold. Its rich and brassy and a welcome addition to the yellow family of SSDK.

What will do with the new five! I know what i’m doing thanks to the proper purple. For sometime now I wanted to do a peacock blanket but thelack of the right purple has stopped me. But what would know 4 of the 5 new colors with the addition of 2 existing colors work great in a peacock themed blanket.

Peacock linup


New French Navy
New Proper Purple
New Dandelion
New Apple Green



The pattern I have chose is the Java Peacock Feather by Curio Craft Room

Once I have all the motifs done I plan to use the Join as you Go method by Cassie1979 to create the blanket.

Peacock Leaf

What do you have planned for the new colors, share your ideas on the Pippin Crochet Club facebook group.

The new colors will be available in brick and mortar stores on April 1st and online retailers April 14th

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4 thoughts on “New to the Stylecraft Special DK range!”

  1. I love the new colors! Like you I have wanted to do peacock colors but didn’t like any of the color combinations I tried. Now I can do the projects that have been on the back burner.


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