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Save the Date! Floralia CAL is coming.

Floralia Crochet Along  – July 1st


Flora is one of the most ancient goddesses of Roman religion, the flamen Florialis. A goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility.

Floralia was a festival in ancient Roman to honor the goddess Flora, held in April. The festival included Ludi Florae, the “Games of Flora” which lasted for six days.  The celebrations included nude dancing, gladiator contests, theatrical performances and circus events. The crowds were pelted with vetches, beans, and lupins, (symbols of fertility). Deer and hares also symbols of fertility, were let loose in honor of the goddess as protector of gardens and fields. They wore colorful garments during the festivities instead of the customary white robes.

In honor of all women I designed Floralia with my maternal mother and grandmothers in mind. From generation to generation they past down their knowledge, wisdom and strength to the next, hoping the next generation would flourish and prosper. We do our best to keep those family traditions alive while evolving and adapting them to the new modern ways of life.  

Video Tutorials by Helen Shrimpton– Crystals & Crochet

If you have not already heard of Helen Shrimpton from Crystals & Crochet you are in for a surprise. Helen will have a full set of video tutorials for the Floralia Crochet-Along
Crystals & Crochet Website
Crystals & Crochet YouTube channel

US          UK           French         Dutch          Danish          Urdu         German         Czech

Finished size: 45″ x 45″ (115cm x 115cm)


Release                        Yarn/Materials/Stitches                                       May 25
Part One                      Center Bloom                                                        July 1
Part Two                      Outer Bloom                                                         July 8
Part Three                   Squaring Outer Bloom                                        July 15
Part Four                     Center Small Squares                                          July 22
Part Five                      Small Square Panels                                            July 29
Part Six                        Center Square and Panel Joining                      Aug 5
Part Seven                   Breathable Mesh Border                                     Aug 12
Part Eight                     Floral Border                                                         Aug 19

Keep up to date and follow along @ Pippin Crochet Club on FB

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Love Emma May xoxox

6 thoughts on “Save the Date! Floralia CAL is coming.”

  1. It states above that Yarn/Materials/Stitches would be released on 25 May, but I can’t find it. Can you please advise where this information is? Thanks


  2. Thank you for creating the Floralia CAL for us Bricks and Mortar shops. It’s hard to keep a shop going on today’s high street these days, and it feels good to have people like yourself supporting us. Our world will be different, and definitely lesser, without wool shops where we can see the different colours and squidge the yarns for the softest. I’m having lots of calls from crafters who are having withdrawal symptoms from wool shop browsing, a need which online supplies will never answer. xx Mrs J from Mrs J’s Emporium


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