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Modern Leaves – Mood Board Make

Following my Just Peachy Blanket, I let the members of the Pippin Crochet Club  decide on what my next “Mood Board Make” would be. They voted for Modern Leaves.

Big Boys
For this “mood board make” I wanted to explore working with blocks of color, texture and a seamless transition of color changes.

But before I went ahead and clicked the “place order” button! I had to get my pegs out and check that the colors blended and complimented each other.

Modern Leaves Pegs
Petrol, Storm Blue and Duck Egg blend so well together. While  Parchment and Cream offer a nice soft complimentary edition. Overall a lovely vintage tone.

Stylecraft Special DK ( I used about 1 & 1/2 of each color)
2 x Petrol
2 X Storm Blue
2 x Duck Egg
2 x Parchment
2 x Cream


As for a pattern I wanted texture, I’m very tactile and love to run my fingers over blankets. I tried out a few different patterns but settled on one of my favorite stitch combinations, you might remember this pattern from my Arizona Blanket. I called it the Alpine stitch after the Alpine Blanket by YarnHookNeedles.

Modern Leaves 2.jpg

4mm Hook
Size 40″ by 47″ (Each color section is around 9″ each)
Chain 165 (or any odd number)

Foundation row
DC in 3rd ch from hook and each ch to end. = 163 dc

Row 1
ch1, sc in each st to end, turn
Total = 163sc

Row 2
ch 3 (counts as dc), *fptr around next (one row below), dc in next* Repeat to end, turn
Total = 82 dc, 81 fpdc 

Row 3
ch1, sc in each st to end, turn
Total = 163sc

Row 4
ch 3 (counts as dc),  *dc in next, fptr around next (one row below)* Repeat to last st, dc in last st, turn
Total = 83 dc, 80 fpdc

Repeat Row 1-4

I repeated the pattern repeat 8 times for each color. You should get 16 little ‘bumps’

Modern Leaves 6

The border
I went with my standard border, simple and easy, no fuss or frills.

Foundation Round
Now here is a little trick to get a lovely clean finish to your border when working with color blocks and a bottoms- up blanket

Normally you would just start your border in your chosen color and go, but see here how it looks a little scrappy and untidy.

ML Border
Using cream for the foundation round is definitely not the way to go. With a little extra time and a few more ends you can have a seamless border. Simply just change the color of your foundation row it match each color block.

ML Border 1

Once you have done your foundation round, can then continue on with your color of choice.

Modern Leaves 5

Using Cream simply do one round of dc, one round of sc and one round of crab st (reverse sc).

Modern Leaves 1.jpg

My son has claim this as his! So I’m just going to have to do another Mood Board Make 🙂

If your not already a Pippin Poppet  and you would like to vote on my next project join the Pippin Crochet Club

Mood boards
Stylecraft Yarns
Pippin Patterns

Love Emma May xoxox

Happy New Year xxx


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