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Just Peachy – Mood Board Make

One of the most common question I get when I release a new Mood board is ‘how do you use them?’ So here’s my latest make and how I used my mood boards.

The Mood
I browsed my mood boards collection and decided on the this peachy color recipe.

MB Chevron
But as you know some colors on screen look different than colors in real daylight and I wanted to make sure I was happy with the my choice so out came the peg collection. They blended perfectly starting with the neutral White and gradually changing in tint to Vintage Peach, the Silver and Grey add a nice touch of contrast

Peaches Pegs

I wanted something modern, simple, no fuss or frills. The Classic Granny! With a classic granny I didn’t have to worry about depth and definition I could simple use the mood board as it was, layering the colors on top of one another.


I honestly didn’t know how much yarn it would take, I figured I would order 2 of each and just keep going until it got to a good size.

The Color Repeat
White, Soft Peach, Apricot, Vintage Peach, White, Silver, Grey and repeat!

Peaches granny
I used a 4.5mm hook and did a total of about 8 repeats
Measuremnts: 44″ x 44″
I ended up using
2 x white
2 x grey (1 x Blanket and 1 x Border)
2 x vintage peach (1 x Blanket and 1 x Pom Poms)
1 x silver
1 x apricot
1 x soft peach

Peaches 1

The border was simple, using grey 2 rounds of dc’s, one round of sc and one round of crab st in the Vintage peach.

Peaches 2

I wanted to give the blanket an extra special touch so I made detachable large pom poms using my clover pom pom maker and finished them off with some ribbon. I used the ribbon to tie the pom poms to each corner.

peaches pom 1

I’m so please with the outcome and already planning my next Mood Board make 🙂
You can essentially use any of my mood boards for this type of project, the classic granny is quick, simple and very effective.

Check out my Yarn Mood Boards here

Love Emma May XOXOX

6 thoughts on “Just Peachy – Mood Board Make”

  1. This is so very lovely , and I loved the idea with the pegs, but I don’t know what a mood board is?. I made double bed afghans for my 3 grandkids but they chose the colours and I just did a wave stitch , but I would love to make a blanket again but not sure which colours to use? Do I have to choose 6 different colours? Love your afghan and the pom poms make just make it💖


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