Knit MAL – Bellissima Jumper – Gauge Swatch

The first step in garment making, and possibly the most important step of all, is making the gauge swatch. All patterns give a recommended gauge at the beginning of their instructions. Small differences  like needles size and yarn brands can affect your gauge especially if you are using a alternative yarn. Take it from me that there’s nothing quite as frustrating as working tirelessly on  an adult size project that’s ends up being the size of a toddler’s.

Bellissima Jumper Gauge

If you missed the intro to Stylecrafts Bellissma Jumper your can catch up here

Using the recommend weight yarn on 6mm needles – 14 stitches by 20 rows should give you a 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm)  square in the stockinette stitch.

What to do?
Cast on 20 stitches and work the stockinette stitch for 25 rows.

Why the additional stitches and rows?
Adding on the extra stitches and rows gives you a “buffering zone” when measuring.

When completed lay your swatch out flat and measure 4″ (10cm)

You should have 14 little V Stitches across and 20 rows.

Bell Gauge

If you do then your gauge/tension is spot on. If you don’t then you can make some adjustments.

If you have too many stitches/rows then its a indication that your tension is tight and you stitches are smaller so try using a bigger needle.

I you have less then its a indication that your tension is loose and your stitches are to big so try using a smaller needle.

Helpful Hints

Cast On
There are a few cast on methods, pick the one you are most comfortable with.. mine is the Knit cast on method, but yours could be the long tail.. or the slingshot cast on.

Knit Cast On

Long Tail Cast On

Slingshot Cast On

The pattern uses 2 main stitch patterns, the Stockinette and the Garter. These are the very basics of knitting, if you are new to knitting here are some quick refreshers.

Stockinette Stitch
One row of Knit stitch followed by one row of Purl stitch


Garter Stitch
Knit stitch all rows


Remember to join us in the Pippin Knit Club, lots of friendly advice, support and fun 🙂

Next week we will cast on and start the front and back panels, help on how to correctly place your decreases, discussing the neckline options and way to cast off.

Love Emma May
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