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Bellissima Jumper MAL – Joining

By now you should have all your pieces knitted up and ready for joining. Front and Back panels plus 2 sleeves.. Now comes the part most shy away from, stitching seams can make or break the look of a garment. But if I can do it so can you!

Finished Bellisima

Before you go ahead and start joining your pieces, I recommend watching these two short video.

First is knowing what sewing technique to use. I love VeryPink Knits tutorials, Staci has a way of explaining knitting in a way that makes it easy to follow. Here she shows us  how to do the mattress stitch seam

I had no idea how to set a sleeve but once again Staci can to my rescue. The Belissima Jumper sleeves are slightly different and in fact easier to join, but Staci’s video explains the whole process for future reference.

Following the layout below, join your pieces together.

1. Join your shoulder seams. (Green)
2. Set your sleeves and join. (Blue)

Bellissima Layout.PNG
3. Fold your jumper in half so you have a front and back. Starting with the arm cuff work your way up to the arm pit and then down to the waist line.

Bellissima Layout2

Tidy your ends away and your done!

I absolutely love my Belissima Jumper, in fact I am wearing it right now.  Its 25 (-4) degrees outside but I am toasty and cozy in my new jumper.

If you missed out on the fun then you can catch up here.
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Love Pippin xoxox
Finished Bellisima

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