Arizona – Part Five

Welcome back to part five.

Yes you’ve guessed it, we are making it rain again, but this week think of part 5 as a meditation. You know the repeats so let the rhythm take you.

Native American Shamanic healers have utilized methods to produce altered states of consciousness in themselves and their patients for thousands of years. A wide variety of plants are used by Medicine Men to alter consciousness and enter the trance state.

The Native American Indians believed that Spirits inhabited all elements of nature – the rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, trees, plants, sky, celestial objects, animals, insects, fish, flowers and birds. Some spirits were good and helped men who pleased them whereas other spirits were bad and caused harm to individuals and the tribe.

A Vision Quest or Spiritual journey was undertaken or directed by a Medicine Man or Shaman and was sometimes accompanied by the inducement of a trance state. The purpose of this type of undertaking was to attain guidance or knowledge from supernatural forces or spirits to assist when the tribe is facing adversity or need to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community including sickness.

This week symbol is the symbol of happiness

happyYou will use colors 1-5 in part 5.
You will always have 271 stitches at the end of each row. You will always skip the st behind the tr.

Arizona – Part Five – US
Arizona – Part Five – UK
Arizona – Part Five – German
Arizonia – Part Five – French
Arizona – Part Five – Dutch
Arizona – Part Five – Czech
Arizona – Part Five – Spanish


See you all back next week for Part Six. You will need you’re meditative state as part 6 is slightly more challenging 🙂