Arizona – Part One

Ready.. Set.. Go.. I know you have all been anxiously awaiting for Arizona to start.

Part One: The center panel is made up of 8 solid grannies and joined together to create a diamond formation. This is reminiscent of the Native American symbol for the medicine man. A medicine man or medicine woman is a traditional healer and spiritual leader who serves the community.

You will uses all 7 colors.
Special Stitches:
dc6tog – You will dc6tog over 6 stitch spaces
Bobble stitch – dc5tog in same stitch

Arizona – Part One – US Terms
Arizona – Part One – UK Terms
Arizona – Part One – German
Arizonia – Part One – French
Arizona – Part One – Dutch
Arizona – Part One – Czech
Arizona – Part One – Spanish
Video Tutorial

***Video Error Alert!*** In row two of the video I indicate that you should work 2sc, ch2, sc in a peak space. It should be sc, ch2, sc instead. If you have worked past this row and are on row 3 fear not. Simply skip the last sc before the peak space and the first stitch working down into the valley and all will be fine! I have notated the error at the top of the description box on the video but unfortunately Youtube disabled the ability to add notations to videos yesterday. I apologize for my mistake!Love Stephanie

Arizona Introduction