Arizona – Part Three

Welcome Back for Part Three

Part 3 – You finally made it over the mountain tops and set up camp. From now on you will be working in rows 🙂 271 will be your new mantra.

he Native American rain dance was the most common among the Native American tribes in the southwest of America, since during the summers there they would have long droughts.

The droughts could bring serious problems for the natives since having some rain was essential for their survival and their food crops. The rain dance would usually take place in the driest month of the year, so usually this ritual was performed in mid to late August ever year. The Native American rain dance was performed by both the men and women of the tribe, unlike other tribal rituals where only men were allowed.

Here is the native American symbol water (meaning constant life)

You will use colors 1-5 in part 3. Stitches used are sc, dc and tr.
You will always have 271 stitches at the end of each row. You will always skip the st behind the tr.
Part 3 is a 2 stitch repeat so once you have it down you will get into a nice rhythm of it.. just like the pitter patter of the rain

Arizona – Part Three – US Terms
Arizona – Part Three – UK Terms
Arizona – Part Three – Dutch
Arizona – Part Three – German
Arizona – Part Three – French
Arizona – Part Three – Spanish
Arizona – Part Three – Czech

See you back next week for part 4

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