Havana Cal – Introduction


The Havana Afghan is worked in the wonderful mosaic crochet technique. The afghan is worked on the front side only, from right to left so that at the end of each row you cut your yarn and start again on the right. Therefore you will have a lot of ends but don’t worry, we’ve have you covered, Tinna has designed a double border so you don’t have to weave in your ends if you so choose. I’ll explain more on the double border further on down. * Pattern will be free for the duration of the cal then it will be on sale

The Stitches

Single Crochets in the back loops

Double Crochets in the front loops

Border stitch which is a slip stitch, chain 1 and single crochet all in the same stitch.

That’s it… 3 stitches that creates this beautiful mosaic technique.

Color work

Cover pic

The pattern really offers a great many color possibilities. The afghan has 7 sections of mosaic patterns so there are many variations.

Here is a sample of each section done in 2 colors

The afghan is striped all the way through and each round is worked with only one color at a time. Working one row with color A and the next row with color B alternating with each row. Tinna recommends always using a contrasting colors for A and B, that way the pattern pops.


Tinna’s afghan  was worked all with scraps. If you plan on using scraps you will need for the main body of the afghan (without border)

Aran – Each row takes appox 11m (12yards)

DK – Each row takes appox 10m (11yards)

There are 252 rows in total

Sizes and Yarn
Before we get into the nitty gritty of the math and the yarn amounts, first you need your options.

So we have the main body of Havana, then you need to pick your border option.. Fringe, Small Double Border and Full Double Border.

fullborder havFull Double Border
Essentially a double border is 2 borders, one on the back and one of the front and your ends get knotted and sandwiched in between, then both borders are sealed. Now this border takes patience, time and a lot more yarn. But I have to say its one of the most beautiful borders I have come across and well worth the effort. The full border measures appox {Aran 15cm – 6″} {DK 13cm – 5″}

Small border Hav


Small Double Border
Same as the Full border but less rounds. The small border measures appox {Aran 8cm – 3″} {DK 6cm – 2.5″}




Simple knot your ends and you are done!


Aran Weight Yarn

Using Aran/worsted/#4 on a 5mm hook

Size without border 120 x 150cm (47″x59″)
Size with Full border 150 x 180cm (59″x74″)

Each Section takes
Color A – 200m (218 yards)
Color B – 200m (218 yards)

Total without border – Main Body
Color A – 1400m (1526 yard) main color
Color B – 200m (218 Yards) for each of your 7 section colors

For or Small Double Border add the following
Color A – 1000m (1090 yards ) Main color
Color B – 200m (218 yards) Accent color

For Full Double border add the following
Color A – 1900m (2077 yards) Main color
Color B – 450m (492 yards) Accent color

DK Weight Yarn

Using DK/Light Worsted/#3 on a 4.5mm Hook

Size without border 109 x 147cm (43″x58″)
Size with Full Border 134 x 172cm (53″x68″)

For each section
Color A 180m (196 yards)
Color B 180m (196 yards)

Total without Border – Main Body
1770m (1932 yards) of your main color (6 SSDK)
180m (196 yards) for each of your accent colors (1 SSDK in 7 colors)

For Small Double Border add the following
Color A – 885m (966 yards) (3 SSDK)
Color B  – 295m (322 yards) (1 SSDK) or you could use up your left overs from the main blanket.

For Full Double border add the following
Color A – 1770m (1932 yards) (6 SSDK)
Color B – 590m (644 yards) (2 SSDK) or you could use up your left overs from the main blanket.

Tinna has teamed up with her long time friend and yarn shop owner Christine to put together a few packs of her favorite colors. The shop is based in France but ships internationally. The packs are made up with Peruvian Highland Wool.
Here are Tinna choices



But in true Pippin fashion you can use any yarn you want. The testers used a variety of yarns and will be sharing their choices with you over the next couple of day.

My favorite online stores who ship internationally are
Wool Warehouse
Love Crochet

Havana will start October 1st 2018 and run for 8 weeks. Each Monday Tinna will update the parts on her Raverly and I will post the links in Pippin Crochet club, I will also include any tips or tricks that testers found along the way.

Question!!! I know you have questions so there will be a dedicated post in the club to ask any questions you have. Also in this weeks  Sunday social live we will talk about Havana.

Who ready for an adventure 🙂

Love Emma May