Short V Stitch

Chain in Multiple of 3 +1
Short V Stitch (HDC,Ch1,HDC skip one) in specified stitch – V stitch made.


Chains your desired number of chains in multiples of 2

Row 1: hdc, ch1, hdc (Short V Stitch) in to the 4th chain from hook, *skip next 2 ch,  V stitch in next ch * (repeat across to last 2 st, skip next st, hdc in last ch). Turn

Row 2: Ch 2, *V stitch into each center of the V stitches of previous row (Ch1 space) * (repeat across to last st, End with a dc in the ch2 made on previous row) Turn.

Changing Colors: Change color on the last stitch of row by drawing new yarn through last loops on the last hdc.

Pattern: Repeat row 2.