Tips & Tricks

So you’ve heard about the Pippin crochet club Design Palooza 🙂 Still not sure if you want to take part? Here are some tips and tricks to help you decide.

The theme is Fairy Tales.. This does not have to be in the literal term.. its should be your interpretation! So its could be the shapes in a princesses tiara or the swirl of falling down a rabbit hole, the poppy fields and the yellow brick road in the wizard of Oz, the crashing waves in Moby Dick.

Here is a picture I found of an Ice Princess.. see the details in her arm cuff, recreating those shapes would make for a beautiful square

The swirls of the Yellow brick makes for a good center start!

The more colors you use the better, remember 24 squares will be selected so they will need to balance out and the best way is to use as many colors as you can for an overall balanced blanket.

Color Baord
Stitch Counts & Squaring off
I like to make a template. Here is a 10″  solid  granny square the end count is 42 as required. So as I’m playing with my design I can use the template to measure against.. giving me a good indication of how many stitches the next round might need or when I should start squaring off.

Pattern Writing
Have a note book, write all your steps down no matter how small the instructions are. You will edit later. Snap a picture of every step and round or row. You may not need them all but they will come in handy when you go back to type up your pattern. I like to start with Round/Row Number and color using. I put corners in brackets (sc, ch2, sc) and little star * * for repeats. But dont fret, if your square is chosen, I will happily help edit and inject pictures where needed.

But most off all have fun!