Treble Crochet – Beginners Series

Lesson Five- Treble Crochet (tr)

You will need to start with your foundation chain. Treble crochets will be  worked into to the chain. In written patterns its is abbreviated to (tr).

Chain 29
You will make you 1st treble crochet (tr) into the 5th loop from your hook.

Row One
Yarn over twice, insert hook into 5th chain. (Pic 1)
Yarn over and pull through stitch. (4 loops on hook) (Pic 2)
Yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook. (Pic 3)
Yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook. (Pic 4)
Yarn over Pull trough last 2 loops on hook. (Pic 5)
1st treble crochet (tr) made.
Repeat in the next chain until you reach the end (Pic 6)
Repeat to end (25 tr), ch 4, turn your work

Tr dia

Row Two
Chain 4 and turn your work (So you are working right to left)
Yarn over, insert hook into the 2nd stitch. (Pic below )
( We do not go into the 1st stitch, The chain 4 you made acts as the 1st stitch)


Continue to repeat

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