Arizona – Part Two

Welcome back for Part 2

Part 2 – This week we will travel up and down the peaks and valleys just like the native Americans did to survive. Starting from early spring to late autumn, many Native American tribes moved around frequently, searching for things to eat, they searched for seeds, berries, nuts, and roots, harvested acorns from oak trees and ground them into flour. They hunted on the sea coast and in the mountains.

Here is the native American symbol for camp (home)

Image result for native american symbols for camp

You will use  colors 1- 5 and color 7 in part 2.
Special Stitches
fsc – Folding sc crochet:  After a row of front loop trebles, you will make a sc in the back loops causing the treble to fold over. You may want to go up a hook size for the sc  row.

Tip: Count your stitches 🙂 You may want to mark your valley stitches with a st marker (these will be the together stitches from the previous row).

Arizona – Part Two – US Terms
Arizona – Part Two – UK Terms
Arizona – Part Two – Dutch
Arizona – Part Two – Czech
Arizona – Part Two – German
Arizona – Part Two – French
Arizona – Part Two – Spanish

Video Link:

***Video Error Alert!*** In row 11 of the video it indicates that you should work your 1st sc in the top of the chain 5. You should skip the chain 5 as the pattern indicates.

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