Arizona, Crochet Along

2 Weeks to go! Time to prepare.

With only 2 weeks to go, its time to start preparing.

1. Number your bands.
Your gradient colors should run light to dark (1-5)
Shadow color (6)
Pop color (7)

If you have brought a color pack they should be as follows:

Thundercloud Colorway
1. White 2. Silver 3. Gray 4. Graphite 5. Black 6. Charcoal 7. Lipstick

Desert Storm Colorway
1. Cream 2. Stone 3. Mocha 4. Walnut 5. Dark Brown 6. Sandstone 7. Vintage Peach

Red Sky at night Colorway
1. Candyfloss 2. Fondant 3. Raspberry 4. Boysenberry 5. Burgundy 6. Peony 7. Cream

Sunshine after the Rain
1. White 2. Lemon 3. Citron 4. Saffron 5. Sunshine 6. Silver 7. Grey

2. Prepare your Bundles.
If your prefer to wind and cake your yarn now is the time to do so or if not, now is the time to find the center pull. Don’t leave it to the day of the cal. You will be using every color on part one and anytime fighting to find your center pull is less time hooking.

3. Designated Storage 
I like to keep all my yarn together, so I can easily pull it out at the start of each section and pack it away until the following part comes out. No losing my balls here! Their are a couple of options. I either use a storage container that easily fits on my shelf, or a tote bag with the edges rolled down to form a basket. A basket is good too or even the lovely organza bags your bundles were shipped in.

4. Take note!
I always have a note book on hand or a worksheet. I like to keep a record of my progress and track any notes i make. These include what yarn I used, how many, on which row one ball ended and another started. I like to make notes of the measurements after each part.  I have created a niffty printable worksheet for your folders  here
Arizona Work Sheet

5. Ready. Set. Go!
Arizona will be released on Friday’s (most likely after my morning coffee, round 7am)
So plan your day accordingly :).. Order take out.. Bribe the kids (and hubby if necessary).
and get settled down for some hooking time.

What do you do to prepare?

Love Pippin xoxoxox

13 thoughts on “2 Weeks to go! Time to prepare.”

  1. Just ordered my Arizona Thundercloud. It’s an early birthday gift from my hubby. First time I have done a CAL so very excited.


  2. I just found this CAL
    excellent time in my life right now to help my mind. Crochet is pure therapy.
    Looking forward to begin. I know it has started however as I mentioned
    I just found this CAL.
    How many balls and yardage of each color yarn do I need? Just can not find were it tells us.thank you



  3. I am trying to follow this CAL and have had out of stock problems. Can you please tell me HOW MANY of each color I need. I will have to go to a couple places for the yarn. I have White and lipstick, so I only need to buy the others. Thanks I appreciate it.


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