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Gypsy Queen is here!

The Gypsy Queen Shawl is the first pattern in my Pride of the Gypsies collection. I wanted something big, something to wrap around in on those warm summer nights while sitting barefoot on the grass staring up at the night sky watching the stars float past.

Gypsy Queen

Full Details, Pattern and Video links.

A Big Thank You to Michelle Messenger, Jeni Ahern & Stephanie Shelton for testing Gypsy Queen Shawl

9 thoughts on “Gypsy Queen is here!”

  1. Beautiful pattern that I am working on now. I purchased 10 balls of Classique 50g/100yd, since you said you used 10 balls. You said you made 13 squares from each ball, however, I am only getting 4 from each ball with some left but not enough for another square without piecing. I am using the size hook required in the pattern, but my squares are coming out a little bigger closer to 5″. I figured this is ok, and I’ll just compensate with fewer rows since I am short anyway. Concerned I may have no where near the correct amount of yarn. Did you have 10 larger balls containing more yardage than the 100 yards I have?


      1. Your link for the yarn for this pattern on your website took me to Lovecraft’s Classique DK, so that’s what I ordered, 10 balls. After making 15 squares, I realized 10 balls wasn’t enough and my shawl was looked heavier than the picture. Last night after I sent you my message, I went back and searched the Lovecraft site and found that DK and 4 Ply are two very different weight yarns. When your link took me to DK. I had no idea this was the wrong yarn since they are both called Classique. DK is half the amount of yarn per skein and more expensive over all.
        You should probably correct your link. So now I need to order the right yarn and start over, or order more of the wrong yarn and keep going. It still looks nice, just heavier than what I wanted.


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