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Havana Crochet Along

Before we get started with the craziness that is a crochet along, I know you want to get the details so you can start combing through  your favorite yarn websites, comparing prices, agonizing of over colors.. fibers.. weights… just a few of the the delights of a crochet along and we love it! I wanted to take a moment while we have the clam before the storm to introduce you to the mastermind behind Havana.

Tinna Profile
Icelandic crochet visionary and designer of Havana Tinna Þórudóttir Þorvaldar

Tinna is an Icelandic textile artist and a published author of 3 crochet books, living and working in Cuba and Iceland.

Tinna is a self confessed yarn bomber,  here she is in Copenhagen in 2012, finishing up a yarn bomb she did with a group of lovely ladies from Denmark

Tinna Yarn b


The Havana Afghan is worked with the wonderful mosaic crochet technique, and it’s the first pattern Tinna ever wrote using this technique, back in 2015. It was then published in her third crochet pattern book, Havana Heklbók, (only available in Icelandic) in 2016.

Tinna Havana Field

She first came to know this technique through the lovely Apache Tears blanket, and when she started playing around with it, her Havana Afghan came to light.

At the time she was living in Havana (like she is now) and she wanted to make a big piece inspired by this uniquely colorful and beautiful city.

“When walking the streets of Havana, it’s inevitable to be inspired by the multitude of patterns and colors that meet your eyes everywhere you look!

As a Nordic, I am not used to this in my surroundings (we tend to be a bit more organized up there!) so what always astounds me is how all the different and mismatching tiles, colors and patterns then all come together and make a beautiful colorful whole. And that was the inspiration for my Havana Afghan
As a result, my afghan has 7 different mosaic patterns, which are all simple variations of the original Apache Tears. And as an homage to the original, that introduced me to this technique, it both starts and ends with the original Apache Tears pattern.

The fact that this was my first mosaic crochet pattern makes it a very good introduction project to this technique for those of you who are trying it for the first time. It really is the most wonderfully fun technique to learn, and the best part is that while it looks quite complicated, it really isn’t!”

You can follow Tinna and her travels, designs here

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Next week we will be releasing the introduction to Havana and all the vital information on yarn amounts, fibers, sizes and of course dates..

So lets take a trip to Havana together!

Love Emma May

6 thoughts on “Havana Crochet Along”

  1. I would like to do this CAL but I am not sure what colors are in the kit to
    Order it. When I go to the French site there is no English translation that I can find. Can you help? Thank you


  2. Hi Emma,
    I am confused as to what happened on Oct. 1st and no Havana Crochet Along launch?
    Looking forward to starting this and hope it is still going to happen?


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