Catherine Lace Choker


Dainty and Delicate Amethyst Ombre Beaded Choker
In French the meaning of the name Catherine is: Pure, clear

Sometimes I just like to lock myself away and play with my beads! I needed a bead meditation fix! Yes playing with my bead is my meditation. So last weekend I scheduled myself some “me time” to work on a new pattern I have been wanting to try. I cooked dinner ahead of time and warned the hubby and the kid to NOT disturb. I entered my sanctuary and was at peace.

I found the pattern on beaddiagrams.com which can be found here


I admit I used 2 of my lest favorite beads for this project, In the hopes to use them up but I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the outcome. It took me a weekend to complete and its now one of favorites. Next time I try this I think I will add a 3rd tier and see what happens!

Measures Appox. 15″ long
Amethyst & Light Rose Czech glass seed beads

Light Rose#11    Amethyst

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