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Arizona Cal – The Inspiration

The ancestors of modern Native Americans arrived in what is now known as the United States 15,000 years ago.  Native American art is a major category in the worlds art collections, which include Pottery, Paintings, Jewelry, Weavings, Sculptures and Carvings.

Two Grey Hills
Two Grey Hills

Textile weaving – cotton dyed with pigments was a dominant craft among pre-contact  tribes of the American southwest. The first Spaniards to visit the region wrote about seeing Navajo blankets. With the introduction of Navajo-Churro sheep, the resulting woolen products have become very well known around the world. By the 18th century the Navajo had begun to import yarn with their favorite colors, Bayeta Red. Using a upright loom, the Navajos wove blankets worn as garments and then rugs after the 1800s for trade.


The Navajo traded for commercial wool. Under the influence if European-Americans settlers at trading posts, The  Navajos created new and distinct styles including

“Two Grey Hills” (predominantly black and white, with traditional patterns)
“Teec Nos Pos” (colorful, with very extensive patterns)
“Ganado” (red dominated patterns with black and white)
“Wide Ruins” & “Chinlee” (banded geometric patterns)
“Klagetoh” (Diamond Patterns)
“Red Mesa” (bold diamond Patterns)
Many of these patterns exhibit a fourfold symmetry, which is thought to embody traditional ideas about harmony.

Red Mesa
Red Mesa

Native Americans decorated most of their crafts to make them more beautiful. They added color and designs with paint, beads, quill embroidery. Sometimes a design or color was a symbol that stood for an idea or told a story. The meaning of colors was important to Native American Indians as each color held a special sacred symbolism. The meanings changed according to the purpose they were put to.

Teec Nos Pos
Teec Nos Pos

For Arizona I wanted to use colors that can be found in a traditional Native American blanket plus to symbolize what I wish to impart on my Son as Arizona was designed for him.

Colors 2Colors 1

Black –  Power, Strength & Success
Red – Faith , Energy and Happiness
White – Sharing, Purity & Light
Greys – Representing the Howlite Gemstone for Concentration & Stress Relief

Arizona is a relaxing design as it was intended to be. Suited for any crochet level.

Prelude - Arizona
For more information about the CAL  Arizona – Introduction 

Love Pippin xoxox

23 thoughts on “Arizona Cal – The Inspiration”

  1. I’m wondering how to print the intro for this piece. Also I would like to know the yarn and how much I will need. Thankyou, Karen


  2. I am wondering which beans of yarn is in your color scheme catona acorn or if it’s catona then where to order it.


  3. I watched video and love the pattern, only if she would include tutorial of the last two or three stitches of the end. Also, never showed the whole blanket which would benefit the video.


  4. It says that there’s a free pattern for Arizona Afghan but I can’t find it. I am watching the videos as well but I like a written backup. Also, I clicked on the link to order the yarn and it said page not available. Thank you for your help.


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