Arizona CAL announcement!

Cant wait for your amazing tutorials. So exciting!

It's Crochet O'Clock

Hello everyone! Very excited to announce that I will be filming the video tutorials for Pippin Poppycock’s upcoming CAL called Arizona. THIS is what has been keeping me busy and not posting as much as normal recently!

This blanket is inspired by the Navajo Nation and is special to me because part of the Navajo Nation actually extends into the state I live in! The image above is only a teaser, you can find all the information about materials that will be needed, launch date and the Facebook Group where the pattern will be released each week as well as full pictures of the completed blanket at Pippin Poppycock’s website.

The texture of this blanket is absolutely amazing and I know you’ll all love the finished project! For any of you who are wondering, my materials list for the image above will be listed below:

Paintbox Simply DK…

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3 thoughts on “Arizona CAL announcement!”

    1. I released a preview of the Sunshine after the Rain color pack today on the Pippin Crochet Club (Facebook a Group) . The Sunshine pack goes on sale on Wednesday. Desert Storm later this week


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