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Peach rose DK.JPG
Spring is almost in full bloom. Plenty of color inspiration about.

Stylecraft Special DK
– Stone
– Camel
– Apricot
– Soft Peach
– Cream


Sweet Dahlia.

The grey gloom of 16 days of rain has taken its toll. Where is spring! April shower may bring May’s flowers but we are already half way through the month and its getting depressing.

I needed a little color on this miserable day, so here’s my Sweet Dahila.

Stylecraft Special DK
– Sunshine
– Jaffa
– Shrimp
– Magenta
– Grape
– Plum

Even then names sound like a recipe for spring!

Love Pippin xx


Mood Board – Bruce Canyon National Park

Bruce Canyon National Park

Dreaming of far away places! Bruce Canyon National Park.. Warm and rich colors, instead of the damp and grey cold of Virginia. I don’t know why but I’m thinking a waffle stitch…Mmmmm need more thought!

Sytlecraft Special DK yarn – Cloud Blue
– Aster
– Jaffa
– Spice
– Copper
– Gold



Mood – St Petersburg Mosque

St Petersburg Mosque - Russia
I think I fell in love all over again! This is the St Petersburg Mosque in Russia. I love how the each of the colors pop out at you regardless of how little some of them are used  The tiny touches of gold and green blend perfectly with the more predominant blues and turquoise.

I tried to match the colors as close to as possible using Stylecraft Special DK yarn.
– Violet
– Grass Green
– Turquoise
– Lobelia
– Gold
– Stone

Would love to hear what your thoughts on patterns that would suit these vibrant colors. Or if you have tried them before!

Happy Crocheting



Forever Autumn Crochet

baby blanket

Wow just look at this! This has to go on my ever growing “to do list” I love the way Michele over at Forever Autumn Crochet transformed a simple traditional pattern into a modern, vibrant baby blanket. Read More


Catherine Lace Choker


Dainty and Delicate Amethyst Ombre Beaded Choker
In French the meaning of the name Catherine is: Pure, clear

Sometimes I just like to lock myself away and play with my beads! I needed a bead meditation fix! Yes playing with my bead is my meditation. So last weekend I scheduled myself some “me time” to work on a new pattern I have been wanting to try. I cooked dinner ahead of time and warned the hubby and the kid to NOT disturb. I entered my sanctuary and was at peace.

I found the pattern on which can be found here


I admit I used 2 of my lest favorite beads for this project, In the hopes to use them up but I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the outcome. It took me a weekend to complete and its now one of favorites. Next time I try this I think I will add a 3rd tier and see what happens!

Measures Appox. 15″ long
Amethyst & Light Rose Czech glass seed beads

Light Rose#11    Amethyst

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