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Patch the Bear

Meet Patch the Bear. My first ever Heidi Bear Pattern. Absolutely loved making this cutie. Materials 7 x Stonewashed in Boulder Opal 2 x Stonewashed in Moonstone The pattern calls for 6 different hook sizes... But i only used three as that was what I had. 2mm, 2.5mm,  and 3mm The Buttons I had custom… Continue reading Patch the Bear

Cozy Up Scarf
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Cozy up Scarf

The time has come to turn on the heat and curl up on the couch. I love the Fall for those very reasons. But there are times when one must brace the windy outdoors and head to the farm for a bit of pumpkin picking, apple cider sipping and general good frolic in the hay.

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A story of Stash Busting

So we all have that basket, box, bag or corner with all our odd and ends of yarn. After each project is complete we dance in the delight of our finished WIP and throw all those end balls into a the basket with the rest while we plan our next project.