Bring back the baby shawl!

With the news of the royal birth has got me thinking about baby traditions.

Being the youngest of 5 siblings I have many many many nieces and nephews. One thing you could grantee was as soon as the  news broke that a baby was on the way, my mother would dig out her finest patterns and needles…. and a Baby shawl was in the making.

The shawl would be gifted upon arrival of the bundle of joy . Baby would be wrapped in the shawl for its 1st trip home and used as a receiving blanket for the many visitors that would sure to come knocking on the door.

The same shawl would be used for the baby’s christening/blessing. It would then be packed away in a special box ready to be brought out when baby was grown and used as a wedding shawl, if baby was a boy then it would be gifted to his wife to be. Thus becoming a heirloom piece.

I have noticed over the years this tradition is fading out, Why! I always remember it as a special moment.. the gifting… the coming home.. the baby tightly wrapped in this cocoon of white lace,  it was a sweet treasured moment.

So keep the tradition alive, and the next time you hear of baby news consider a baby shawl over a baby blanket.

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