Sunset: Mandala Madness

I recently embarked on what is my biggest project to date! The Mandala Madness CAL, and I total understand why they call it the Mandala Madness. Her name is Sunset (sticking to the true tradition of naming your mandala. Here is my progress so far…

I’m using Ice Yarn – Magic Lights

Patten Designed by Helen Shrimpton – Crystals and Crochet
The official Facebook group CCC Social
The YouTube Channel Hosted By Its all In a Nutshell Crochet

3 thoughts on “Sunset: Mandala Madness”

  1. I saw somebody post that they were using this yarn in a FB group. I wonder if that was you! I just love this CAL. I am not doing it but I do love seeing how others are going along.


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