Cozy Up Scarf
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Cozy up Scarf

The time has come to turn on the heat and curl up on the couch. I love the Fall for those very reasons. But there are times when one must brace the windy outdoors and head to the farm for a bit of pumpkin picking, apple cider sipping and general good frolic in the hay.

I’ve been wanting to try Stylecraft Special Aran all year but with the Virginian heat and humidity it just wasn’t possible. So as soon as the first leaf fell from my maple tree I placed my order and waited patiently. I had no idea what to make but knew once it arrived something would come to me.


I do love the browns, oranges and reds of fall but I wanted some bright and cheerful to keep me smiling on those windy wet November days.

Now I’ve never used Stylecraft Aran before and when trying something for the first time I tend to go back to basics so I can properly judge the quality and work ability and once again Stylecraft Aran  lived up to its superb standards

Colors. Aster, Meadow, Pomegranate and Cream. Now I  have a problem with creams and whites in general as they tend to be thinner, something to do with the bleach/dying process. But having said that Stylecraft Aran in cream surprised me, it was thick and soft just like the other colors.


Pattern as mentioned above I went back to basics. I had cut my crochet tooth on Attic 24’s Cosy Stripe Blanket but I had only ordered one ball of each color and not enough for a blanket but just enough for something wearable. So a scarf it was. I chained 240 and followed Lucy’s at Attic 24’s cosy pattern and  “boom” I had a cosy up scarf.


Now the windy outdoors doesn’t seem that bad 🙂

Pippin xxx


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