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A story of Stash Busting

So we all have that basket, box, bag or corner with all our odd and ends of yarn in. After each project is complete we dance in the delight of our finished WIP and throw all those end balls into a the basket with the rest while we plan our next project.

They sit and sit there left forgotten, never quite knowing what to do with them.. You ask yourself is it enough for this pattern, will I run out, do I gamble or stay safe and head to the yarn store……. and so it sits there.. Well that’s exactly what I did.

Well until my husband forced my hand and told me I had to use up my stash.. Shock.. Horror..
So off I went in search of a pattern to use up those half used balls. At first I thought something small, maybe pot holders or coasters but my stash was mainly acrylic and not suitable for hot pots and cups of tea.

A scarf or hat maybe, but in the height of summer I was just not feeling it. Them like magic up pops  in my  Pinterest feed. Ta Da! Make and Do Crew’s Basic Hexagon Pattern

So off I skipped to my stash basket and started to have a rummage and was quite surprised  at what was in there, as you may have noticed I love colors and I had quite a collection of Stylecraft Special DK in there.
What started out as a stash buster turned in to a blanket of love, I would take a hexagon everywhere with me, small enough to fit in my bag and whip out at appointments, lunch and even in the car while waiting for the little fella. As it turns out each hexagon uses a very small amount of yarn, approx. 64 meters on a 3.5mm hook.

I did hexagons in all 74 solid stylecraft special DK Solid colors. I had almost a complete set. So there I was with 74 hexagons, now what! I laid them out over and over again moving this one here, that one there, never sure. Then I remembered my Art teacher Ms. Morris constantly telling me to check my colors on the spectrum wheel,  you see i never did what was supposed to do in art class and at that moment I knew what I was going to do. I was going to do a spectrum blanket. spectrum
I love my Spectrum Blanket, the little fella loves it too


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