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Save the Date – Hearts of Friendship CAL

Save the date.. Pippin Crochet Club is ever so happy to announce the upcoming crochet along… Hearts of Friend by Helen Shrimpton


The CAL will start April 2017

The pattern can be brought here

Helen Shrimpton is working on a short mini series of tutorials to help.

Packs are available here at Loremars use code cc17 for a 5% discount.

Love Pippin xx

3 thoughts on “Save the Date – Hearts of Friendship CAL”

  1. Emma what do you think of these greens together for this project, t he hearts remind me of shamrocks and my daughter was born on St. Patrick’s day! The corners remind me of Irish bands intertwining as well ❤ 1218 Parchment,1126 Sandstone, 1001 White, 1820 Duck egg, 1116 Green and 1009 Bottle. Thanks in advance! Karen


    1. I see what you mean with the Irish theme, the bands do look very Celtic 🙂 Great perspective.. I would go with cream over the white, and bottle, green and Kelly green. But its hard to visualize. If you pop over to the club and tag me i can pull my pegs out 🙂


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