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November Moods Added

Its been a crazy month.. Sickness hit the Pippin house.. Thanks giving with all the trimmings and I dont mean decorations 🙂 .. Its comforting having allllllll the family together but with that brings difference of opinions, which can lead to very colorful conversations.

A few of my November moods include.

Worn Out because that’s how my November started, when one tries to pack so much into a week, the layers start to peel away leaving the bare bones exposed.

Worn Out
Stormy weather.. Sickness hit the pippin house, first was my 10 year old, sleepless night became a regular occurrence.. Have you ever tried sleeping in a twin size bed with a 10 year old.. DONT! Next to get hit with the bug was me.. and like a trooper I pushed on trough to the other side.. and lastly my hubby came down with it, I dont now about you but men + sickness = BIG BABIES.. Yes my 10 year handled it better.

Stormy Weather
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