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iPad Cozy Pattern


Yarn: Any DK  – 230 Yards/210 Meters (less for an iPad Mini)
Hook: 4mm
Pattern written in US terms
Size: iPad & iPad Mini (but pattern is easily convertible for Laptops
Stitches use:
ch – Chain
dc – Double Crochet
hhdc – Herringbone Half Double
Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and pull through stitch and 1st loop on hook.
Yarn over, pull through last 2 loops on hook.
rsc – Reverse Single Crochet (aka Crab Stitch )
Work a single crochet opposite direction (left to right)

Chain 64 iPad – 48 (iPad Mini), Join to 1st chain to create a loop

Round One
Ch3 counts as 1st dc, dc in each chain to end, join to 1st dc
= 64 dc (48 dc)

Round Two
Ch3 counts as 1st dc, dc in each stitch to end, join to 1st dc
= 64 dc (48 dc)

Cozy BlackRound 3 – 34 / (3 – 27 iPad mini)
Work in continuous rounds, placing a stitch maker to mark the beginning stitch
hhdc in each stitch around. until you have 34 (27) rounds.

Round 35 (28)
Make a rsc (crab st) in each stitch around.
fasten off, sew in ends

Cozy Button

Sew along bottom edge
Sew button to upper center. To make fastening loop, Attach yarn to center back panel and chain about 25 chains, loop around button to make sure your length is okay, then make a slip st to the stitch next to where you attached the beginning chain.



Cozy 4Pocket
Row One
Ch 13, sc in the 2nd chain from hook, sc in each chain to end, turn
= 12 sc

Row 2 – 14
ch1, sc in each st to end, turn

Repeat row 2 until you have 14 rows. Fasten leaving a long tail for sewing. Place pocket on cozy and sew around the 3 edges.

Cozy Hearts

Make a magic loop, Ch3
Into the loop make the following
3 tr, ch1,
3dc, ch1
1 tr, ch1
3dc, ch1
3 tr, slip st to magic loop
Sew onto you cozy


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