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Yarn Adventures – New to the New Year

Welcome 2018! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I know.. I know I want you… I want you 🙂

I wanted to start the new year off with new yarn adventures.. and my 1st adventure is (drum roll please)… Hand Dyed Yarn! Okay so this may seem like a old adventure to you but to me its a new one..

1. I have never brought yarn in a hank (shocking I know)
2. I have never used Merino Yarn (please forgive me yarn gods)
3. I have never used hand dyed yarn (I’ve lived a dull life)

So 3 new adventures for me… I was so excited to receive my little bundle of joy, it was like the yarn fairies had sprinkled magic upon my doorstep.


I unwrapped my precious with care. My first thought was “wow merino is sooooo soft” its like a soft, cuddly spring cloud. The colors were prefect and true to the description.

“If its the Beaches – Sand that lightens towards the middle to cream then a soft turquoise that darkens”

Then it dawned on me… its a hank.. were do I start.. wheres the beginning and end..

I dashed of to YouTube and searched – How to unwind a hank.. and watched the 1st video that came up.

I released the breath I didn’t realized I was holding and relaxed.. Doesn’t look that hard!

So here goes..

I did as instructed in the video ..

Layed out hank
I decide to cake my bundle of joy so I would have access to both ends… I dont have a swift so I had to make do..

On the winder Hank
Now skip past the part where I got myself in a terrible tangle ….

and ta dah I had my cake….

caked hank
Phew.. I was ready to start, but what.. This was a bit of a dilemma for me, I refused to cut the yarn to control the color change. (which is very hard for me).  I had 230 yard to play with, the most common project would be a scarf so I tried that and frogged.. Then I thought I would showcase the colors with a mandala.. then I forgged that too.. Then I put it away for another day… thats when the light bulb went off….

Whalla… my iPad Cozy

As you can see the gradient yarn color worked up beautifully. The full pattern for my iPad & iPad Mini Cozy can be found here. <iPad Cozy>

If your wondering about the yarn here are the details. Check her other colorways.. now swoon 🙂

Yarn MErino
Wendy’s Wonders 127 (South Carolina)
Etsy Shop:


Hope you enjoyed my yarn adventure.. what will be my February’s advanture… stay tuned

Love Pippin xoxoxo


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