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Cakes! A sweet treat from Rea

So I gave into temptation.  I couldn’t resist any longer!

The trouble I have with cakes is that I find most have colors I don’t like. For those of you who follow my mood boards you will know that i’m a little OCD when it comes to colors. But I have a solution.

A friend and member of the Pippin Crochet club Mary introduced my to Rea’s Little Favorites. Mary’s Star of wonder by Helen Shrimpton caught my eye and I wanted in.

Mary Cake

So off my fingers went and wow! But still my color OCD was nagging me so I contacted Rea and she was more than happy to bake me up a custom cake order 🙂

I picked out a few of my favorite mood boards and sent them to her and she worked her magic.


Custom Cakes
50% Acrylic – 50% Cotton and a whole lot of love

Be Creative, Sunbeam and Vintage Wine.

Rea is based in Germany and her cakes are made to order. You pick the ply and the length and then she gets to work baking them.

It took her a couple of day to make up my custom cakes and they are being shipped out today 🙂 The transaction was smooth and quick via Paypal.

Got questions you can contact her via her page messenger

Or check out her pre -order cakes on her website

I’m so excited, Now I’m off to lose myself in Raverly and start planning what I’m going to make .
Happy Hooking

1 thought on “Cakes! A sweet treat from Rea”

  1. You’re welcome! I love her cakes. Thanks for highlighting my “Star.” I can’t wait to see what you do with them. And, now that I know I can customize…my bank account could be in trouble.


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