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Crochet: Darlene’s New Year’s Project

In 2018, my crochet challenge to myself was to weave my ends in as I go and not to leave them to the end. I have been pretty successful and made a better than expected effort to make this happen.

In 2019, I want to continue to improve my crochet abilities and conquer one more problem I always run into which is accepting my color choices. So when I went searching for a pattern I knew I wanted something with lots of color, something that I could carry to work with me for those quiet times and lunch breaks. The Mystical Lanterns pattern by Jane Crowfoot was perfect. There are tons of ends that will need to be fastened away and plenty of color changes.

Mystical Lanterns By Jane Crowfoot

The pattern instructs you to place 12 different colors in a bag and use one color at a time without looking, once you have used each color you start over again. It is going to force me to accept what I cannot change and not second-guess myself.

Now picking colors was difficult because if I do not love them, I will not stick to the afghan and it will end up in the UFO pile. It took a lot of searching but I found a picture on Pinterest titled Hawaii and I think it was meant to be. The tropical colors sing to me. Living in Buffalo, NY I am always dreaming of warmer climates, plus my husband and I are going to Hawaii for our 30 wedding anniversary in February 2020. This will be the perfect project to keep me busy while I count down the days, weeks and months!

I’m using Stylecraft Special DK in the following colors Magenta Clematis Fondant Candy Floss Shrimp Apricot Citron Lemon Aspen Sherbet Bright Green Spring Green and using white to border and assemble.

Darlene pegs
Mystical Lanterns Pattern
Mystical Lanterns Kit

1 thought on “Crochet: Darlene’s New Year’s Project”

  1. That’s great! I too worry and fret over my color choices (and yarn choices), sometimes I’ve given up on a CAL because it’s half over before I get my yarn straightened.


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