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Color Me Happy Sweater

I have spent quite some time lately thinking about garments and sizes. I would love to be able to design clothing but honestly the task is so daunting, so many of us come in different shapes and sizes and being able to design for all is something my brain can not wrap around.

Researching industry standards on sizes and measurements is a rabbit hole and one that I have fell into many a times, hours wasted and few grey hairs later  I gave up.

But i am not one to completely give up so  I told myself to start at the beginning and to go with what I know! ME

Designing for myself will help me better understand the how garments are made and how they fit, using my body as the template.

1. Using an old favorite sweater as a guideline, I broke down the garment into shapes. Your basic squares and rectangles

CMH - 1 Shapes

2. The classic granny square. Using up my stash of odd end rolls I made a large granny square to the size of the body.

CMH - 2 Front Panels

3. I repeated the exact same granny square for the back panel.

CMH - 3 Panels

4. The shoulders and neck. I did not want a boxy looking sweater so I knew I needed to shape the neck and add a few extra rows for the shoulders.


5. Sew up the side seams leaving arm holes open.

6. Arms – Continuing in the granny stitch style I added row by row until I got the length I was happy with.
CMH Promo 2

7. Neck line. Round off your neck line by adding 3 rounds of single crochets.
CMH Neck 2

8. Waist Line. A very simple waist using 3 rounds if single crochets.
CMH Wasit

9. Wrist cuffs. I found that the sleeves were too wide so I skip every 3rd stitch on the first round of single crochets. then continues another 5 rounds tapering in the cuff.
CMH Cuff

A very quick and easy way to make yourself a sweater to fit you perfectly!

Love Emma May XOXOX

12 thoughts on “Color Me Happy Sweater”

  1. So appreciate this post! Thank you for sharing your brainstorming and the breakdown of how you brought this lovely sweater to fit so well. Fitting garments is a tough one, and after making several things that were WAY too big, I’m now starting to relax a little and get a better feel for a proper fit. This article is perfect…and so creative! Thanks again.


  2. Do you have a pattern for the jersey? It’s fabulous. A friend showed me a picture similar and I need a pattern to get going.


  3. This is nice and simple, and very pretty! Even I might manage it without too much stress. Thank you for this great tutorial!


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