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Crochet – Granny on the Go

I like to crochet.. a lot! Even in the most unusual of places. I always keep a ball of yarn and hook in my bag, because you just never know when you might need them.. right?

“Idle hands make fretful minds”

Shelley Shepard Grey

The trouble is finding the perfect project for those on the go moments. You need something easy to remember so you are not lugging around a pattern book, some quick so you don’t forget where you are and something small to fit in your everyday handbag.

So the perfect solution was .. Yes the Solid Granny Square. Quick and easy and you can do them anywhere.. Doctors appointments, On the metro, At the park, On your lunch break even at the kids football practice 🙂

Solid granny 1
Disappointing! I can hear you sighs, but wait its what you can do with a good ole solid granny that makes it all worth while.

I have a love for patchwork quilting but can not sew for the life of me. However; using the granny square as a patch you can almost recreate anything.

I set myself to the task of creating some patchwork style graphs and had a blast. I came up with a total of 5 designs.. did the math and set me and my testers to work.

I will be sharing each design over the next couple of weeks, with a full “how to”, yarn amounts, charts and colors.

Modern Plaid Throw

Stylecraft Special DK
Grey – Black – Mustard – White

Plaid Colors


Click here for pattern and keep watch for the next 4 designs coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Crochet – Granny on the Go”

  1. pretty cool! My daughter gave me a bag of granny squares she started when her mother-in-law showed her how. Said daughter decided crochet was not her thing so I inherited the pattern and the squares. the palette was mostly purple, so I started with some variegated purples. I carry a ball of purple palettes, a hook and the pattern (it’s on paper) everywhere. Eventually I’m going to have to do some design work and sew them all together! I have no idea how many I have but it’s plenty to be sure. I should add some of your closed weave patterns so I can have a variety. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love this idea, and the first three give you a glimmer of what is possible. I am just in my first year of crochet and have mastered some pretty complicated stuff, but you are right, sometimes, you need to have something in hand that is simple and repetitive. I have lots of yarn that I can see will now become yarn scraps for future crochet quilts. Thanks for the inspiration


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