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Game.. .Set… Match

I love testing new patterns, its like a blank canvas and a new set of paints.

So when Helen Shrimpton put out a call for testers to try her new Bubblegum Shawl I jumped on the chance. Helen designed the shawl for the new release of Stylecraft Candy Swirl yarn. You can find the bubblegum pattern on Helen’s blog post Crystals and Crochet

Me.. I live in a far away place across the pond and could not get my hand on any!! so I did what I do and made up my own colorway.

First I needed inspiration… my mind was drifting to Rigley’s Spearmint, Double mint, Cool mint…. you can see were I’m going with this… Lovely cool greens!

Then I need to see how the colors complimented each other in the light of day.


I had my colors.. White, Sherbet, Aspen, Turquoise and Empire in Stylecraft Special DK. And went to work…… its took a total of 5-6 hours.. I used a small amount of the Sherbet, Aspen, Turquoise and a little more of of the Empire. I used 4 balls of the white, but only needed the 4th ball for the pom pom edging.

I did a little each evening and for some reason as I was working up the pattern the colors reminded me of Wimbledon.

I do miss the days when we would have Wimbledon on the TV around the clock, the grunts of the athletes, the Oooo and Ahhhh of the crowd, the thud of the tennis ball, the empire shouting “Out!!!” But now I’m across the pond and the time zone makes it difficult. So this year I shall wear my Bubblegum shawl and think of Wimbledon and try and catch a least a few sets. Roll on July!

Love Pippin xx

3 thoughts on “Game.. .Set… Match”

  1. I love your version of this shawl. Could you tell me how many rows of each colour you did please? I am very new to crochet and would love to try this. Many thanks.


  2. Thank you for this. Online, I just bought Stylecraft for the first time. I ordered then saw that Aspen is green and Empire is blue. But, you used both together and it turned out okay.


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